Krista Garland


Hello lover! I’m Krista, and I would love to learn who you are and what you desire. 

I am an educated, metropolitan luxury companion dedicated to a life of learning, entrepreneurship and boundless hedonism with roots in Chicago and wings to meet you where you are as a travel consort. While this city will always remain my home, one of my greatest pleasures is jetting to exciting new locales and savoring what is unique to those places - including you! 

Wherever I go, I bring enthusiasm and joie de vivre to a world that begs appreciation. Take my hand, and allow me to show you all that I love: titillating restaurants; breathtaking art galleries; shows featuring either music or comedy, but always culture; quiet but romantic corners of the city - or let me unlatch the bedroom door and show you in…

Creativity is ingrained in my very soul, and I fantasize over the expression you will allow me. In all I do, I am known to be exceptionally vibrant and engaging. Art is the thread that strings my life together- be it aesthetics, design or the art of seduction, at which I am beyond compare. In my professional life, I transform faces and self-images through makeup artistry.  Life is, to me, all about the process of creating, changing, building.  My transformative energy will assist you in exploring your desires. Together, we will flesh out a version of yourself that never hesitates to seek sensual expression.   

Standing at a petite 5’4”, I command attention with striking porcelain skin, mesmerizing green eyes and long, glossy black hair that falls over my shoulders in waves. Lined in kohl, my eyes will draw you in.  My plump, glossy lips will emit an infectious laugh or meet yours in a passionate collision. The curve of my body longs for a pair of hands to trace it.

I am an edgy beauty, a rocker with grace, an educated intellectual with a worldly sensibility, an enigma. 

You are seeking an exceptional escape from the everyday, a charmer who intuitively knows how to deliver the pampering you deserve. Luxuriate in my attention. I’m waiting for you. XOXO 

- fully vaccinated as of April 2021 –